Sailing tour of the south coast of Sri Lanka

Sailing tour on the south coast of Sri Lanka 

Are you thinking about taking a seacation in Sri Lanka? You probably know that Sri Lanka is famous for its chilled-out beaches, luxury hotels, joyous festivities, and its rich culture.  But have you ever thought about taking a sailing tour on the south coast of Sri Lanka? Because you most certainly need to! Sri Lanka has a lot to offer as an island with azure waters, calm waves, and breathtaking scenery. This is especially true when it comes to the country’s amazing south coast! This is what Sri Lanka is most famous for! You can enjoy the most beautiful beaches, see incredible marine life, and stop at a number of popular tourist destinations en route! 

Does sailing on the south coast of Sri Lanka sound like a great idea? It surely is!  All you need to do is unwind and take in the island’s tropical beauty while experiencing breathtaking sceneries and unforgettable moments. You can go on a sailing tour overnight or even for a 7-day vacation. Here, you can have a brief idea of how your typical sailing tour can go about! Keep reading to find out more! 

What do you need for your sailing tour? 

Once you plan on your sailing tour on the south coast of Sri Lanka, go through your itinerary to see if you need to pack any extra clothing, shoes, or equipment depending on the excursions planned. Here are some important things you can pack for your sailing tour that can come in handy! 

  • Sunscreen– Bring more than you anticipate needing. You probably will be in the sun the whole day, and the last thing you want is blisters and heat stroke while you are on your sailing tour! 
  • Swimwear– bring some of your fancy swimsuits and maybe some extra too! You never know how many beaches you can have a dip in! It is also important to pack some baggy and light clothing to beat the heat of the sun. Some flip-flops, sunglasses and a hat would do too! Also, make sure that you bring along a jumper or two to wear through the night as the ride can be quite chilly. 
  • Seasickness medication – This could be really useful too. Make sure you have some when you feel dizzy during some rough waves or unstable waters. 
  • Pack some modest clothing – you need to cover your body upto the knees. This is important if you are taking a quick tour through the local temples en route. It is a must that you respect the people, culture, and sanctity of sacred temples and Monuments. 

Explore the best of Sri Lanka by sailing! 

Typically, a 7 sailing day tour offers the ideal balance of relaxation and exploration as you explore the tropical beauty that lies on the south coast of Sri Lanka. However, you have the option of sailing on the south coast of Sri Lanka within a day too! You’ll be sailing through Sri Lanka’s southern coast by stopping at iconic places like the fishing village of Kudawella, secluded beaches, Dondra head lighthouse, local temples, and the Galle Fort. You are also able to experience the beauty of crimson sunrises and sunsets! However, visiting the beaches is definitely the highlight of your sailing tour! You can cruise through Weligama Bay, Jungle Beach at Unawatuna, Tallala Beach, Kudawella, and Mirissa Beach, to mention a few. Your boat may also direct you toward the best dolphin and whale-watching locations along the coast, depending on the itinerary you select and the length of your stay. 

You can see the world’s largest mammal, the blue whale, which makes it to Sri Lanka’s beaches between November and April once a year. You will be only able to see dolphins and whales cruising their way through on the beaches of Sri Lanka! This is a must to do when you plan your trip to the south coast of Sri Lanka. You can also enjoy swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and enjoying the scenery when your landlocked feet start to get tired. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience in Sri Lanka’s stunning waters thanks to the abundance of amazing marine life there, including whales and dolphins. You can also catch some waves while surfing in the tropical bay of Weligama and wake up to the sight of the sunrise which provides you with an unforgettably relaxing seaside getaway! Here are some things you can do and enjoy during your 7-day excursion on your sailing tour; 

Day 1: Mirissa

This is the first day of your exciting sailing adventure! You can unwind and start chatting away with your fellow travelers! You will be served breakfast on board that is fine with freshly cut tropical fruits, bread, cheese, meats, and some hot Ceylon tea. This is definitely the perfect start to your amazing day. 

Day 2: Weligama – Kudawella 

After a hearty breakfast,  you can set sail for Weligama. Travel to Kudawella while taking in breathtaking sights and stopping at some secluded beaches to surf, swim, Paddleboard, or kayak. Keep a close lookout for whales and dolphins throughout the sailing journey. 

Day 3: Kudawella – Kalametiya

Keep sailing up the south coast to Kalametiya to wander around the lagoon. You can have a quick visit to the humble  Kalametiya village and sanctuary in the late afternoon. You can also catch some waves, relax and work on your tab by soaking in some sun! It’s up to you! 

Day 4: Kalametiya – Talalla 

Surf or swim at the little surf beach of Hiriketiya before continuing to Talalla Beach on Sri Lanka’s southern coast. Keep looking out for exotic marine life along the sailing tour on your way from Kalametiya to Talalla. 

Day 5: Talalla beach – Galle 

On your way to Rumassala, keep an eye out for whales and dolphins. Then, spend the afternoon chilling on Jungle Beach or ascending to the Japanese Peace Pagoda for magnificent views of Galle Bay.

Day 6: Galle to Weligama Bay 

Set sail by morning with a hearty breakfast and lunch that will be served on board as it docks on Galle at noon. You can have a stroll around the Galle Fort in the late afternoon. Dinner will be usually provided on board with a view of the city lights of Galle. 

Day 7: Mirissa 

It is time for your adventurous sailing tour on the south coast of Sri Lanka to end!  Go back to Mirissa Harbour and end your journey. You can arrange for transport or a private vehicle to pick you up to either go back to the airport or your hotel.