Kandy to Ella train trip

journey by train is interesting and a beautiful experience, since the traveling is all along the landscapes. So, hardly you will get to see the concrete jungle. If you want to experience one such natural beautiful train trip, then you must catch a train from Kandy to Ella. 

The train trip from Kandy to Ella

You can catch a train at Kandy station to Ella or at Ella station to Kandy. Which way it will be a memorable experience close to nature. Throughout the journey, you will see yourself passing through beautiful farmlands, caves, coffee and tea plantation, etc. 

And yes, you can also smell the goodness of the soil. Get yourself comfortably seated in either of sleeper class, air-conditioned coaches, or the 1st class coaches. Whatever the coach may be, you will thoroughly enjoy the trip. 

You can see the vendors on the train helping you out with some eatables mostly snacks and fruits. The lush greens and the plantations will make you want to get off the train instantly. But hold on, you have more treat to the eyes coming up. 

The trip from Ella to Kandy will take about 7 hours of time. So, get yourself ready with food and water. 

After you reach Ella or Kandy as per your choice, will have several hotels offering good services at affordable prices only. Choose the one hotel away from the hustle and close to nature. Because it is your holiday and you don’t need the horns hawking all day long.