Family guide to visit Sri Lanka

Family guide to visit Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka! A beautiful island encrusted in the Indian ocean is best known  for its rich cultural diversity and breathtaking natural beauty. Sri Lanka has become one of the most popular and most visited, making it a number one travel destination for you and your family! This beautiful nation is a treasure trove for passionate travellers, surfers and yogis! With its cultural sites, diverse topography, pristine beaches and exotic wildlife, numerous people visit Sri Lanka for its enduring natural beauty. A single trip to Sri Lanka, will guarantee you unforgettable memories and moments that you will treasure for a lifetime! 

Planning  a visit to Sri Lanka with your family? If you are, it is important that you consider your children’s ages and interests while organising a family trip to Sri Lanka. Keep reading to see a complete family guide to visit Sri Lanka! Many of Sri Lanka’s historic sites and temples might not be appropriate for young children. There are, however, many events and attractions that are ideal for families with children of all ages. Tropical beaches, whale watching, exotic wildlife, misty mountains are some of the places and activities that are a must to do and see if you are visiting Sri Lanka with your family.  Additionally, you can also experience tantalising cuisine and an incredibly warm welcome from the people in Sri Lanka!  Sri Lanka truly has everything that can make your family trip a worthy one!

What makes Sri Lanka a family-friendly travel destination? 

Looking for the best places and activities for your family vacation in Sri Lanka? Look no further! Here is a family guide to visit Sri Lanka and its top spots for 2023! Sri  Lanka is one of the best family-friendly destinations in Asia, drawing many tourists to its beautiful shores every year. Finding things to do with the kids in this tropical paradise is simple thanks to the diversity of activities available. The breathtaking beaches offer a range of activities for water sports, including surfing lessons and snorkelling with sea turtles. The country’s national parks are home to several wildlife species that may be found further inland in Sri Lanka. With your family, you are able to explore a whole new experience while keeping an eye out for elephants, deer, leopards, and birds.  Each of these stunning locations in Sri Lanka has its own allure and would be enthralling to see as part of a road trip itinerary across Sri Lanka that lasts between 5 and 7 days! Here are the best places you cannot miss out on when visiting Sri Lanka as a family!

Surfing in Unawatuna 

Some of Sri Lanka’s most stunning beaches may be found in the coastal resort town of Unawatuna. Therefore, it’s not surprising that so many people decide to spend their family vacation in this serene and bustling town. You are also able to find a range of family-friendly lodging options in Sri Lanka to suit all budgets.  From affordable hotels to opulent luxury villas, you can find everything you need! In addition, the golden, powdery sands and the crimson sunsets provide the ideal ambiance for relaxing and sunbathing. Unawatuna is also the ideal location for swimming, even if you have young children with you, thanks to its calm, clear waters. However, if you’re looking for the perfect way to spend time with your family, you can enroll your family in surfing lessons. Why not enroll them in a few classes while you’re in town since it’s a great time to bond with your family? Other than the beach, Unawatuna offers many other family-friendly activities.

Visit the Turtle Hatchery in Unawatuna 

If you are in Unawatuna, you cannot miss the turtle hatchery! This is an ideal family guide to visit Sri Lanka so you wouldn’t miss out on anything! This is the perfect opportunity for your kids to see endangered turtles and different species of marine wildlife. Here, you can get close to some baby sea turtles. Despite being one of the most significant breeding places in the world, Sri Lanka’s sea turtle population is declining quickly. Therefore, the hatcheries’ conservation efforts are crucial, and kids will like seeing and holding the tiny turtles! 

Take a surfing class in Unawatuna 

Small waves with a calm surge are ideal for beginning surfers in Unawatuna. The shallow waters and sandy bottom of Unawatuna make it one of the safest areas in Sri Lanka to practice, making it one of the greatest locations to learn the basics. There are many surf schools in the region, making it a wonderful site to take a family surfing class.

Whale watching in Mirissa 

The ideal location in Sri Lanka to see some of the most breathtaking wildlife is Mirissa. Many whale species, notably the majestic Blue whale,  cross this region of Sri Lanka’s south coast when migrating. The best time for these magnificent creatures, along with dolphins, is between October and March. These waters are frequently home to sperm whales, and killer whales, all of which can be observed during a whale-watching tour from Mirissa. This is a must-do if you’re traveling with family as it truly is an incredible experience. This is a must to do in your family guide to visit Sri Lanka! 

Safari rides and camping in Yala Park 

Want the perfect family guide to visit Sri Lanka? One of the most well-known safari destinations in Sri Lanka is the Yala National Park, which is located in Yala. If you wish to see as much amazing wildlife as you could with your family, this is the perfect opportunity! You can see some of the most spectacular animals quite close, from wild elephants, and sambar deer to the elusive leopard. There is much more to see and do in Yala outside of the National Park. It’s a great option for adventurous families with a ton of places to explore! You can also set up a camp forest for a few nights in Yala for a memorable family adventure. Although it is not permitted to camp inside the park, there are several locations where you can do so while still enjoying the forest’s tropical beauty. While visiting Yala, consider renting a tent for your family to have a truly memorable outdoor experience!

Horse and boat rides in Nuwara Eliya 

Nuwara Eliya is the highest town in Sri Lanka and is one of the most beautiful and popular destination spots both for tourists and locals. The Nuwara Eliya Golf Club, racetrack, Victoria Park, and trout fishing in adjacent lakes and rivers keep the town’s reputation as “Little England” alive. Due to its chilly weather, strawberry farms, and vintage hotels, this is an ideal place for you to visit with family and kids. There are many kid-friendly activities in Nuwara Eliya to entertain the most energetic kids! Everyone has something to do in Nuwara Eliya, whether it is exploring the town’s many beautifully kept gardens, learning about the colonial history of the region, or hiking via mountain trails! You can enjoy horse rides, boat rides, safaris, and strawberry picking during your stay. 

Visit the Ambewala Dairy Farm 

The Ambewela Farm, also known as “Little New Zealand,” is situated in a gorgeous setting, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation and mist-covered hilltops. Along with other farm animals, you can see a range of cows and cattle grazing here! If you’re lucky, you might witness the cows being milked. Dairy items straight from the farm are also available. The farm is about 20 kilometers from Nuwara Eliya; it can be reached there in 45 minutes by car from the city. This is a great educational and fun-filled activity that you and your family can enjoy during your stay in Sri Lanka!