Best hiking trails in Sri Lanka

Best hiking trails in Sri Lanka 

While Sri Lanka is known for its idyllic, golden beaches, the country also has the most scenic hills and mountains. If you are a passionate hiker, Sri Lanka can promise you a truly unique and different experience. Sri Lanka had become one of the most popular and trending destinations that tourists want to explore. The country’s name alone conjures up pictures of lush forests, misty mountains, tropical fauna, and azure waters. Sri Lanka’s best trekking displays that Back in 2019, Lonely Planet named it the “best country in the world” for tourists to visit. In addition to surfing, culture, and hospitality of the people, Sri Lanka is also rich with a variety of wildlife and nature reserves. You can find plenty of emerald mountains and hills that are perfect for hiking with family and friends! Each of these hiking routes is distinctive; some lead you to the top sights to witness a range of biodiversity, while others lead you through tropical rainforests or historic and religious places.

Any ardent hiker is familiar with the wonderful sense of success that comes after a protracted and grueling climb! It is truly the best feeling when you realize all your effort has paid off and you can finally enjoy the breathtaking view from a mountain’s summit. It is incredibly magnificent with its never-ending green vistas and nearby peaks that kiss the clouds. Here are the best hiking trails in Sri Lanka that you need to cross off your bucket list!  These beautiful mountains and hills will make you fall in love with Sri Lanka if you enjoy spending your vacation hiking!  

Adams Peak  

Sri Lanka’s most sacred top, also known as Adam’s Peak, Sri Pada, and Samanalakande, is visited by people of all faiths and beliefs. This hike can be a spiritual trip with a climb of 5200 stairs and a 7 km walk from the village of Dalhousie. The peak offers you a peek into Sri Lanka’s stunning vistas of its lush surroundings. Little Adam’s Peak, regarded as one of the best hiking trails in Sri Lanka, offers breathtaking eagle-eye views of the country’s lush valleys and mist-covered mountain peaks. The southern coast of the island can even be seen from Little Adam’s Peak, according to the locals, on exceptionally clear days.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the largest lowland rainforest in the nation, is a biodiverse wonderland. This is bordered by rivers and a range of animal species that include rare mammals and 147 bird species, 33 of which are exclusive to Sri Lanka. The Sinharaja forest reserve can only be entered on foot and is considered one of the best hiking trails in Sri Lanka. You must be geared up with appropriate clothing and equipment to keep you safe in the dense jungle. Many hikers set up camp near the towns of Deniyaya or Kudawa, where you may buy admission tickets and schedule a hike with the tour operators stationed at the reserve entrances.  Stay close by to enter the park early to have the perfect early morning hike!  

World’s End & Horton Plains

The sheer drop-off at the edge of the Horton Plains, which overlooks one of Sri Lanka’s most breathtaking vistas, is known as the “World’s End”. Horton Plains National Park is an expanded stretch of lush wilderness in Sri Lanka’s hill countryside. The 9km looped track and hike leads you to the World’s End. You can see where it got its name when you finally reach the stunning 4000-foot-high cliff. The Horton plains are a beautiful home to a range of wildlife. This includes the rare samba deer and leopards! You can also find many exotic bird species while exploring these best hiking trails in Sri Lanka. One of the few parks where people can walk alone is Horton Plains National Park, but as there is no public transportation there, you’ll need to make arrangements for a drop-off and pick-up in Nuwara Eliya or Ohiya. When the weather is fine, the views of the lowlands floating below are spectacular! To witness these moments, you need to arrive early in the morning to avoid the crowds and the clouds! You need around 3 hours to complete the 9.5km journey, which includes a return trip to the lovely Baker’s Falls and a return ride to the Far Inn entrance to the national park. 

Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls, which is located in the Badulla area is the second-tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours to reach the summit, although the hike isn’t particularly strenuous. Along the way, there’s a ton to accomplish as well! For instance, swimming in one of the many rock pools is a good way to cool off and relax (but be sure to steer clear of doing so during the rainy season!). The hike would be pretty comfortable and less likely to completely dehydrate you because the weather is typically crisp and chilly. The magnificent waterfall’s full extent, plunging several hundred feet to the pools below, is visible from the summit.

The Great Western Mountain

The Great Western Mountain, which rises to a height of 2,216 meters is enveloped in forests and heavy plumes of mist. This towers over the Great Western train station and tea estate. The Great Western is The seventh-highest peak and is also one of the best hiking trails in Sri Lanka. Although it is a pleasant trek, it is fairly steep and calls for strength and experience. You can find a Hindu temple with colorful walls that stand out against the surrounding. A set of stairs next to the Kovil leads up to the forest and the designated hiking track. From that point on, you’ll be hiking through a thick forest, so a machete will be useful. Depending on how many stops you take and how quickly you trek, the entire hike will take between 5 and 6 hours, and as you ascend, the terrain gets steeper, so a rope can come in handy!